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Mothers Union Programme 2022

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Who are we 

Mothers' Union unites Christians of all ages across the world. Through praying, campaigning and volunteering, members strengthen marriage and family life and bring about positive changes in their communities.


When and where

Our branch is part of Margan Deanery and Llandaff Diocesan Mothers' Union. We meet at the Church Hall on the third Tuesday of every month and we welcome all who are interested.


Please remember that in a changing world the traditional valuee of faith and family are as relevant today as when they were enshrined within the Mothers' Union by Mary Sumber. You are very welcome to pop into one of our meetings, you willl be valued and cherished.


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A few words from our Mothers’ Union Branch. 

In 1876 Mary Sumner, a clergyman’s wife, began holding meetings at the vicarage for local women to support them in raising their families in Christian faith. This was where Mothers’ Union came into being. Gradually, as knowledge of the movement spread Queen Victoria added her stamp of approval by becoming its Patron. 

From these humble beginnings M.U. has become an international charity with over 4 million members, in 84 countries, who work at grassroots level in their communities to bring hope and practical support, providing parenting, literacy and community development programmes, through their local churches. 

In our branch we strive to uphold the Christian values of yesteryear that are sometimes overlooked in the fast pace of modern life. 

Our monthly meetings are warm and friendly occasions and our programme of speakers features both secular and faith-based themes. Out housebound Indoor Members are kept in touch with regular visits. As a group we benefit from the fellowship and ongoing commitment to work for the various charitable projects that M.U. supports. 

We pray for a world where God’s love is shown in loving, respectful relationships between families and cultures everywhere. Visitors are welcome to our meetings so come along if you Are interested in finding out more about us.