Our Ministry

Faith and Fellowship.


Faith is the personal reality that Jesus is our best friend, our Saviour, and God. This is all so important, and affects so many lives. In a complicated world God calls us to know Him through His Son. He asks us to accept His love, and to let Him bless us every day. He comes to us in humility and power. He asks us to begin a relationship with Jesus that will never end, never diminish. 

Fellowship is so important within the lives of St James and St Mary Magdalene. The buildings are ancient, in fact the oldest local buildings which are still in daily use. The mission of Jesus in this community could well go back to Roman times. Imagine that, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ for sixteen hundred years. Whilst this is an ancient ministry, it embodies a modern message. As we make our journey of life, we need the love and healing power which only God can bring us. 

St James’ is just a little on from Pyle Cross, on the A48. We meet four times a week, and at other services also. It is a place where we share faith and share friendships. Everyone is welcome, as we celebrate fellowship in Jesus Christ. 

St Mary Magdalene was built as a place of welcome and sanctuary almost 800 years ago. Compassion and acceptance for those excluded by society, meant that it has always stood as a beacon. They meet twice a week, and at other times. Everyone is welcome. 

Our Faith

The Church in Wales believes and proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ, namely:


  • that God is active and personal, a Father who cares for his creation, and for every human being as his beloved child,


  • that God is as he has revealed himself to be in the historical person of Jesus Christ, and


  • that through the life, death and resurrection of this one person, God has proclaimed his love for the world, and opened a way, accessible through our response of faith, by which his love and life may be poured into our lives.


  • That God is at work in the world today as Spirit, inspiring faith, justice and truth


We believe that God has called all who respond to him to be his people, and to work together to act as ambassadors for his work of healing in the world.


This is Good News, because it encourages each one of us to realise that God loves us, that he has gone out of his way to meet us in the person of his Son, in whom he accepts us as we are. He asks us to draw on his strength to live life to the full, and to bring healing to the world.


We invite you to join with us in sharing this Good News.


Our Churches

St James Pyle at the end of a morning service.

360    View from the roof of St James Pyle.


View from the roof of St Mary Magdalene towards Port Talbot.

St Mary Magdalene at the end of a morning service.

View from the roof of St Mary Magdalene towards Kenfig.


The bell in St Mary Magdalene, cast in 1664.